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Got Acne? Get Protected!

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What’s going on  everyone?!

Look it’s the summertime and we all like to spend some time outdoors when the weather is nice, but if you’ve got acne maybe the sun isn’t the best place for you. At least that’s what a report from Avidas Pharmaceuticals is saying on Yahoo Canada Finance ( Now is all sun exposure bad for you when you have acne?–no. Studies have shown that a little exposure to sunlight on a daily basis can improve the APPEARANCE of acne but not the condition itself.

That being said, the article published on Yahoo states that sunlight exposure “can actually make acne worse by increasing oil production, damaging follicular walls and clogging pores, resulting in exacerbation that may not surface for several weeks after sun exposure.” What’s worse than stimulating an already unpleasant condition? Doing real permanent damage to your body by increasing your risk of skin cancer. Chances are if you have acne, you’re taking some sort of medication to keep that little “facial minefield” to a minimum, but the problem is that “many prescription and over-the-counter products recommend avoiding sun exposure because these products may make the skin considerably more vulnerable to the damaging effects of UV rays.”

So what does that mean for those plagued by acne? Are they forever condemned to the indoors? Do they have to stay inside while everyone who’s acne free gets to suntan, waterski, go to the beach, etc?–Again, no. But it does mean that those who are plagued with chronic acne need to take additional precautions when heading for fun in the sun.

We recommend any of the sun protection products from the Kinesys line for your every need in the world of UV protection. Not only will they keep your acne-prone face from burning during those hot summer days, but Kinesys sunscreens are Hypoallergenic and Non-Comedogenic so they won’t agitate your skin or clog your pores.

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